I am Jing Gu, a Ph.D student at the University of California, Santa Cruz working with Prof. Xin (Eric) Wang. Previously I was a master student at the University of California, Davis working with Prof. Zhou Yu. I am currently in Google Research as an intern working on Embodied AI working with Dr. Su Wang, Dr. Peter Anderson, and Dr. Jason Baldridge!


[2022.06] Started intern at Google Research for Embodied AI!
[2022.05] Our SlugJARVIS team won the Alexa Prize SimBot Public Benchmark Challenge! [Media Coverage]
[2022.04] Invited Talk in Chinese about Vision-and-Language Navigation in AI Drive! [Video in Chinese]
[2022.03] One paper about Vision-and-Language Navigation Survey accepted to ACL 2022!
[2022.03] Our SlugJARVIS team received an Amazon Alexa Prize Award to work on Alexa Prize SimBot Challenge. [link]
[2021.09] Started Ph.D. journey at UCSC!
[2021.05] One short paper accepted to ACL 2021!
[2021.04] One paper accepted to EACL 2021!
[2020.11] One paper accepted to AAAI 2021!
[2020.09] One paper accepted to EMNLP Finding!
[2020.10] One paper accepted to EMNLP WNUT workshop!


My research interests are mainly Computer Vision, Natural Langauge Processing, and Embodied AI.


  • Vision-and-Language Navigation: A Survey of Tasks, Methods, and Future Directions
    Jing Gu*, Eliana Stefani, Qi Wu, Jesse Thomason, Xin Eric Wang
    in Proc. of ACL 2022
    [paper] [code]

  • A Tailored Pre-Training Model for Task-Oriented Dialog Generation
    Jing Gu*, Qingyang Wu*, Chongruo Wu, Weiyan Shi, Zhou Yu
    in Proc. of ACL 2021
    [paper] [code]

  • Perception Score, a Learned Metric for Open-ended Text Generation Evaluation
    Jing Gu, Qingyang Wu, Zhou Yu
    in Proc. of AAAI 2021

  • Data Annealing for Informal Language Understanding Tasks
    Jing Gu, Zhou Yu
    in Proc. of EMNLP 2020 Findings

  • Flow-Aware Structual Model for Conversational Question Generation
    Jing Gu, Mostafa Mirshekari, Zhou Yu, Aaron Sisto
    in Proc. of EACL 2021 [paper] [code]

  • Memformer: Memory-Augmented Transformer
    Qingyang Wu, Zhenzhong Lan, Jing Gu, Zhou Yu

  • ConQuest: Contextual Question Paraphrasing through Answer-Aware Synthetic Question Generation
    Mostafa Mirshekari, Jing Gu, Aaron Sisto
    EMNLP 2021 WNUT Workshop [paper]


Program Committe Member (Reviewer)

  • ACL 2021, Sigdial 2021, EMNLP 2021, Neurips 2021, ICLR 2022, ACL Rolling Review 2021&2022

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Graduates Award of Shanghai, June. 2018
  • Outstanding Graduates Award of University of Shanghai for Sci&Tech, June. 2018
  • Excellent Graduation Thesis, June. 2018
  • Excellent Student Cadre of Shanghai, Dec. 2017


  • Team Leader of SlugJarvis, one of the ten teams selected for Alexa SimBot challenge, ongoing competition, 2021-2023
  • Student Research in Google Research, 2022
  • Teaching Assitant for Machine Learning, 2021
  • Teaching Assitant for Natural Language Processing, 2019
  • Teaching Assitant for Machine Dependent Programming, 2020
  • Research Scientist in Searchable AI Corp., 2020

One last word

Keep Hungry!